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<CommanderStab> I once knew a guy who impersonated a teenage girl on the Internet
<CommanderStab> He tricked married men into believing he was a 14 year old Swedish girl and then said that "she'd like to get a call from him but Dad woudl get suspicious if he heard the phone ring".
<CommanderStab> So they'd give him their phone number and he'd use it to trace their addresses down and find out information about them.
<CommanderStab> Then he'd blackmail them into giving him their bank account details.
<heythere> ... did he get caught? ^^"
<CommanderStab> Apparantely the cops came around a couple of times investigating him. He always told the cops that he had got the information pretending to be a 14 year old girl that the men had wanted to get in contact with.
<CommanderStab> Apparantely nobody ever pressed further charges =D
<heythere> damn ... i gotta try that!

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