Build a Cooling Pad for your Laptop

I remember Vijay, Giri and me discussing on tips for a DIY laptop cooling kit in one of the Chip forum meets.

Digital Inspiration

Eeshan inserted thermocol pieces at the edges to adjust the height of the cardboard according to the fan. Now the continuous circulation of air below the laptop prevents the machine from heating up.

Here are some pictures of Eeshan’s home-made laptop cooling pad.

Build a Cooling Pad for your Laptop

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  • Aug 12 2012, 8:06 AM
    non geographic numbers responded:
    That's a good idea. A cooling pad for laptop is a big help, as it can longer the life span of the said gadget by taking out much heat to the gadget while being used. But this time a do-it-yourself laptop cool pad is a bright idea.