"Callista" by Saki Kaskas - The music being played in Afterlife bar in Mass Effect 2 (also on NFS High Stakes)

I'm always on the lookout for some great music, whenever I'm playing a game or watching a movie. Years ago while playing NFS High Stakes, I found this awesome piece of track. Unfortunately I didn't know the name of the track, and didn't have an Internet connection to go searching for it either :( Today afternoon, I was playing Mass effect 2, and as I got closer to the Afterlife bar in Omega, I found myself humming to a very familiar tune :D

  Yup, this was the same track which I lovedin NFS High Stakes. After a simple Google search, I found the track name. There's no official music video however, I will leave you with 2 videos - one with a static picture of NFS High Stakes load screen and the other one in Mass Effect 2, where Shepard is roaming about.

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